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Our company. Acrilatos. Working hard today, we will create a better tomorrow

Working hard today, we will create a better tomorrow.

Our company. Acrilatos. Working hard today, we will create a better tomorrow

our company

we will create a better tomorrow

ACRILATOS was founded in 2000 with the purpose of supplying deflocculants (also known as fluidizers or dispersants) to the local ceramic industry. Considering up to 90% of the Spanish production of ceramic floors and walls is concentrated in the province of Castellón, the location of ACRILATOS was a key point for its growth. The closeness to our potential customers allowed us to offer them a personal and constant attention, and also high-quality products at competitive prices.

Today, ACRILATOS is the leading Spanish companies producing and distributing acrylic polymers and silicates, and one of the best developing and producing deflocculants and additives for the global ceramic industry.

green chemistry

because it matters

We want to work towards a world that provides a viable future with improved quality of life for everyone. That is why our ever-expanding company, equipped with the most sophisticated technology, and the most effective production processes only delivers high quality products.

We are looking to contribute to a more sustainable future where being environmentally responsible goes hand in hand with running a successful business. Thanks to our ISO certificates and through constant quality checks we can reassure the best-tailored solutions for our clients.

Moreover, ACRILATOS is a company that commits both to social realty and environment. Thus, both our products and our production processes accomplish all the current regulations for safety and contamination. The ISO certificates endorse us as environment-friendly company that also cares for security, both for our clients and employees.

because it matters

bespoke products

R&D is in our DNA

Acrilatos is an industrial, environmental friendly, chemical company which is solely dedicated to design and manufacture for our clients the raw materials and consistent and innovative solutions they have always requested.

The key stone to ACRILATOS is SPECIALIZATION. Be it when developing deflocculants, dispersants, binders, or other additives, whether it is for ceramics or others, we always keep in mind the uniqueness of our costumer.

Acrilatos is experienced in research, development, production and marketing of entire range of specifications and applications of silicates for several industries, detergents, paper, others.

bespoke products

our team

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