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Solutions for the whole ceramic process. Tile manufacturing, tableware and sanitary, including deflocculants, and strength additives.


From mineral slurries to water treatment, we manufacture and design the best performance solutions in the market.

Home Care

Laundry and dishwashing boosters, both in liquid and in powder, we have great sequestering and chelating agents.

… Much more

We have silicate and polymers for all sort of industries, including refractories, glass manufacturers or agro.



In ACRILATOS we design each single product so it turns out the optimal one for our customer, always adapted to their special needs and characteristics. Thus, we are able to guarantee an optimized product, both economically and in its performance.

In Acrilatos the focus of innovation and value creation is moving further in the direction of bespoke materials and solutions. With the help of our team of highly qualified employees with various specializations, we design and manufacture all our products in our very own premises.

By identifying the issues in our customers’ industries, we are able to assess the suitability of each of our products in its specific application. This is paramount in the way we understand business. We take great deal of care to develop and formulate a wide range of products to cater to the specific demands of our customers.

we formulate. In ACRILATOS we design each single product so it turns out the optimal one


ACRILATOS offers a wide range of technologies and manufacture facilities, including silicates, acrylic polymers and advanced bespoke solutions for every conceivable industry.

Our production process begins with an exhaustive study of our customer’s conditions. The solutions bespoken designed in our laboratories are then manufacture in our premises in Spain.

Our production facilities are in constant expansion, catering to the industries demands, with a current capactity of:

  • SILICATES + 84.000T
  • GRANULATES +70.000T

In time, ACRILATOS has begun to diversify its activities, and today we also offer our services to the industries of ceramics, paintings, detergents, desinfectants, refractories and glass production, water treatment and many more. Developing and producing dispersants, binders, detergent boosters, surfactants, special silicates, desinfectants and many other additives.

we manufacture. Acrilatos offers a wide range of technologies


In the last years, ACRILATOS has undertaken an expansion process, both national and internationally. With a strong philosophy of serving from Business to Business, allowing our customers to have the best products directly from our headquarters in Spain to their premises.

ACRILATOS already has business all around the globe, with presence in Europe, Middle East, North and South Africa and the Americas, we have also impulse our presence in Asia, with India as our main focus and lately East and South Asia.

We keep on with the expansion process, and with honesty and hard work ACRILATOS is hoping to become a worldwide referent of chemical companies.
Our global supply chains allows us to be in any desired market with short leading times and thanks to our door to door marketing experience our customer get the best products and services directly from the source.

we market. In the last years, ACRILATOS has undertaken an expansion process


We believe that working hard today, we will build a better tomorrow.


Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres, quarum unam incolunt Belgae, aliam Aquitani, tertiam qui ipsorum lingua Celtae, nostra Galli appellantur.

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